Motor Coach Service- Across Town or Across the Country!

Our motor coaches drive across town or across the country!

For large group transportation, there is no substitute for the Motor Coach-style bus. Motor Coaches seat up to 55 passengers and are specifically designed to travel long distances. They do require special inspections, insurance, and licensing for the drivers, so only certain companies that are able to meet the high Department of Transportation standards (like us!) are authorized to operate Motor Coaches.

Our motor coaches have special features that make those long trips fun and comfortable

Our motor coaches feature comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and onboard Wi-Fi. We also have onboard bathrooms for those long trips (a must!) and plenty of storage for luggage in the lower storage bays. Our buses are clean and well-maintained and definitely a great value for any client that is looking for the most efficient way to move a large group of people a great distance.

Motor coaches are the most efficient way to move large groups of people

Universities often hire us to transport their sports teams. Church groups hire us to take them on their fellowship outings. High schools, corporations, small businesses, you name it- they trust Columbus Coach to take their groups across town or across the country.

We provide Duty of Care for our motor coach clients

We provide Duty of Care, which means our service is backed by our adherence to a standard of reasonable care while transporting our clients:

  1. Fully registered and licensed with the Department of Transportation and State of Ohio (PUCO via UCR)
  2. $5 million commercial insurance policy
  3. Vehicles are meticulously maintained by our in-house mechanics as well as 3rd party repair services that are fully vetted by our staff
  4. Chauffeurs are vetted, fully trained, and managed as employees of our company
  5. Technology provides real-time tracking of all vehicles by our dispatchers